Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thoughts and Prayers about the Tragedy

Sr. Pat wrote the following yesterday about the tragedy at Virginia Tech University. She said, so much better than I could, just what I would want to say:
"Still at the same time, God is always with us...I do believe an angel of God was with each student and person killed - I pray they were all ready to say Yes to a glorious eternity. It is one of the beliefs of the Church that no one dies before his time. No matter how sudden or unforeseen the tragedy is - God is there with love and mercy."
(You can read Sr. Pat's full post here.)

At the school itself, the vice-president for student affairs said:
"We will move on from this. But it will take the strength of each other to do that," said Zenobia Hikes, vice president for student affairs. "We want the world to know we are Virginia Tech, we will recover, we will survive with your prayers." (Quoted in a Fox news article here.) Thank you to Alicia for gleaning this uplifting paragraph from the long article and sharing it at her blog.

And the world is praying, Zenobia, including the Pope: "The Pope offered his prayer to 'the entire school community,' as well as the victims of the shooting, and expressed the hope that those affect would find 'the spiritual strength which triumphs over violence.' " (Quoted from Catholic World News.) Thank you to Danielle for sharing this at her blog.

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