Thursday, April 19, 2007

Busy Day

Friday is going to be a busy day for us. There will probably always be someone at home, but there will always be someone gone, too, it seems.

It will be my first time taking a child to a city college for orientation (I've taken three to our country college in Northern Kentucky in past years). It will be our first time riding the subway in our new city (the only other time I've ridden a subway was with the whole family in Washington D.C., some years ago). I'm claustrophic and no hobbit; I've always avoided cave explorations. So I'm glad that I'm not going on the subway alone (of course, if I were going out alone, there would be no need to go where I'm going, but I was too tired tonight for that kind of reasoning when I wrote that previous sentence.).

In the afternoon, I have to rush home to trade kids, and take another child to P.E. with our homeschool group, about an hour away. It's funny, but needing to rush home is why I decided to use the subway, as I think it will be faster than "rushing" through the city streets in my car.

We will probably do our grocery shopping in the evening before I fall exhaused onto the couch.

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