Saturday, April 07, 2007

About Friday

If you read my blog post for Thursday, you might like to know: A) That was truly an example of "journaling", as in, I didn't plan where I was going before I started. (I hope you like where I went as much as I did; it just didn't have the usual serious introduction to a serious topic.) B) I was able to get into my Yahoo mail box again as soon as I got through posting to my blog.

Yesterday, though, I was unable to get online...briefly. After I accidentally shut my son's computer down (our internet connection is routed through his), and after I wasn't able to get it back up (and I began to panic), my dear husband rescued me. One of my sons commented that I am good at email, blogs, websites (thanks, Greg!), but not the wires and stuff. Amen to that.

And then it was time to go to Good Friday services. We had decided to go to Silver Spring where they were having the services in the traditional Latin rite. It was only about forty miles away. Ed thought that afterward we should drive to Washington D.C. to see the cherry blossoms. We drove by the Washington Monument, around the blocks surrounding it, among seas of cars and pedestrians. While we were straining and craning to see the white marble pillar through the car windows - asking Peter if he could see it at all - suddenly someone pulled out of a parking space. No signs saying you couldn't park in that space. It was ours! And it was only a short walk to the monument, so we were able to see it up close, as well as the many American flags that surround it, before getting back in our car to head home.

After slogging our way through D.C. rush hour traffic for another hour or so, we made it out of town to find a lighted sign saying that the freeway we were just gettng on was closed in all four lanes about eight miles ahead.

"Let's get off," I sugggested to Ed, who hardly needs such a suggestion even if a freeway is only slow.

Fortunately Ed carries a map and a compass in his head, and he got us back to Silver Spring by another way, where he thought we could pick up Highway 29 to Baltimore. We thought we might stop for dinner somewhere...and there, just as we turned onto Highway 29, was a Subway! We were lamenting not having a D.C. area map with us, but discovered that our Baltimore map showed Silver Spring and showed that Highway 29 should be good for us to get to Baltimore. It would take us to Ellicott City, and from there getting home would be easy. Of course, driving through the many traffic stops, I commented jokingly that we might as well have brought my minivan. We made it home just in time to unpack the car from the day's outing and pick Greg up from work at seven.

I will probably not be posting again until Monday.

May you have a very blessed and joyous Easter!

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