Sunday, May 14, 2006

Throwing Things Out of the Covered Wagon

As a child I always loved reading the pioneer stories in the readers. Then, as an adult, we started homeschooling when it was still in its pioneering days. When Peter became legally blind, my continuing to homeschool put us back into the pioneering days once again (in both cases, not one of the very first pioneers, but among the big move out West, metaphorically-speaking).

Well, after Ed's lay-off as he was trying to build a business in tough economic times, and we were going through our savings without substantial income in sight, I felt like we were pioneers in a wagon that was being pulled slowly but inexorably toward a cliff. I kept hoping that God was going to give us a way to turn those horses (or oxen, perhaps) at the last minute. And He did. Or, come to think of it, maybe instead, it had only looked like we were heading toward the edge of a cliff, but as we get closer, we see that the ground is downhill but not drastically so... there is a way to get down the hill. And of course, God had known all along. Up ahead we can see a desert, but beyond the desert are fertile hills like the ones we came from...somewhat different but still fertile.

But to get down those hills and across that desert, we need to put our shoulders to the wheel, and we also need to throw out some things, just as the pioneers had to do. (Hey, at least we can sell some of ours, not just throw it all out to rot in the weather.) Well, this lightening the load is not necessarily a bad thing. We have seen some houses of family members that were filled with things when the occupants died or became ill; and here we are with a chance to whittle down our belongings on our own.

For those relatives and friends who had not yet heard of Ed's new job and our plans to move, I apologize for not telling you before now. Once Ed was offered the job, things have been moving along "fast and furious". So, here is the news:

Ed has gotten a good job in his former profession (as an actuary)! He will be working for a company called Old Mutual in Baltimore, Maryland. We will be moving there soon, so we are busy, busy, busy.

Here are some of the many good things about our move:

Baltimore is on beautiful Chesapeake Bay, and Ed will be working in the Inner Harbor area that has been upgraded by urban renewal.

Next door to Ed's office building is a large Whole Foods store (he will have a field day).

There is a lot to see and do in Baltimore. And, Washington D.C. is only an hour or so away. (I am going to have a hard time getting used to "Washington" - being spoken alone - as meaning Washington D.C., since I am originally from Washington State. On the West Coast we usually said "Washington" for Washington State, and "Washington D.C." for the home of our capitol.).

I won't have to work and so we'll be able to continue to homeschool, which is what Robert and Peter want.

The Maryland School for the Blind is in the Baltimore area, and we can get equipment from them, on loan, just as we did from Kentucky School for the Blind, only they will be much closer, possibly just down the road.

There is a diocesan Latin Mass in Baltimore at a beautiful old cathedral.

The weather will probably be somewhat similar to what it is here.

There should be pretty good public transportation.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. We can still use them, as we get down that hill and across the desert. And please know that you are all in ours, as well.