Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Which Sabbatical Exactly?

I thought I would write a blog post, or maybe an article, or maybe a blog post after all. I had ideas, all ready to write. But first I thought I better answer a text (a question from a former co-worker who took over part of what I did), and then I thought I should check my bank accounts to see how much money we have in them.

I then logged into blogger and saw that I had comments that needed to be "moderated". I ignored the one that felt like spam and posted the other two, but one of the people who had commented had asked me to check out her blog. So I did, and I felt I should also comment on hers...and explain that I'd been too busy with life for my blog and that's why I hadn't posted her comment.

Finally, I was ready to write my blog post. But something caught my eye: my supplementary blog, "Reflections", which I had created for writing longer, more comprehensive, thoughtful posts. I began reading through the posts that I had written several years ago. "Wow", I thought, as I read one of them. "I like that writing." (I wish I could write like that. ;-) ). Well, what I wanted to write this morning might be long, so maybe this is where I should write it. I clicked on New Post and brought up the form to type in.

And that's when I knew. I had no idea, anymore, what it was that I was going to write! It was just gone...vanished. Totally and completely out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. But I belabor the point.

Recently, when I quit my job to better help my son finish high school, I said in my resignation letter that I was taking a "sabbatical" from working a job. Now I realize that when I took that job and immersed myself in it, I took a "sabbatical" from my writing. What an eye opener! No wonder I don't even know what to write these days. I feel as rusty as the nails I used to step on as a child.

So I decided to write a Facebook comment about wanting to write and then forgetting what I was going to write about. But I thought it would be too long, so I decided to make it a Facebook note. But you know what? It's too long and formal for a Facebook note. So I'm going to log back into Blogger. Now, if I can just get this posted without getting side-tracked.