Monday, April 09, 2012

A Picture Perfect Childhood - Book Review

A Picture Perfect Childhood is a beautiful, wholesome book which is so much more than a book full of lists, as Cay Gibson shares with us, in her unique style, the value of sharing picture books with our children of all ages. Lots of great reviews have already explained why this is such a wonderful book of books. So I would like to just share two areas which are dear to my own heart, reading challenges and cultural diversity.

Among her many and varied lists, Cay Gibson includes a section for Teenage Readers, explaining why picture books work for them, along with a list of a dozen books, specially chosen for them. She also has a section for Struggling Readers, with seven books about learning to read.

What I find most exciting about the book are the many lists involving cultures within our own country, as well as in other countries. The Black History section features 52 books, along with 23 books listed under Underground Railroad. The Immigration section lists 45 books and Indian Lore 43. There are 33 books listed under China. There are lists for various countries, as well as for each of our states.

Christmas Around the World includes 16 books. Around the World and Beyond with Cinderella, which is a list of 34 books, features Cinderella stories from Africa, Appalachia, and the Caribbean; Cajun, Irish and Mexican Cinderella stories; and many more.

Whatever your interests and those of your children, this is a book you will want to read, take with you to your library, and even make notations in for future reference. Cay has done the work for us, so that all you have to do is select some of the books from the library or bookseller, and then take 15 minutes a day for “enhancing your child’s imagination and education”.


Cay Gibson said...

You are so gracious with this review, Margaret Mary! thank you so much!

Margaret Mary Myers said...

You're very welcome, Cay. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your joy and talent with the world.