Friday, April 27, 2012

Grasping the Little Joys

Last night I had a very pleasant evening - discussing a book with five dear friends...and one cuddly baby, too.  (While baby didn't discuss the book, she made the evening that much more pleasant.).  I almost didn't go, as I started feeling "shy" just before I left my house. I'm not a shy person and I wasn't shy once I was there.  As a matter of fact, the evening turned into a joy to treasure.

The weather today was perfect!  And I found a patio end table (small molded plastic) that matches my (molded plastic) chairs, so I can enjoy my morning coffee on our little balcony this spring and summer.
And, I went grocery shopping, and four of my kids (all adults) piled into my little car.  On the way, we ended up in a lively disagreement...but no one was really angry with anyone, and it was just cool to think we were together.
In the store parking lot, I saw the coolest historic old Ford.  Have you ever seen a car that's a small pick-up truck in the back?  I used to see them fairly often "back in the day".  As some of you know, I get excited about cars: sports cars, luxury cars, classical cars, historical cars. 
We came back to find my husband had beaten us home and was already busy, moving the laundry along.  Now we wait for the easy-to-cook fish baking in the oven (and rice in the microwave...Hey, it's shopping day; let's keep it easy).  Some of us are on computers and some watching t.v., but here we are, enjoying the camaraderie.  

I know that similar scenes take place in many homes (or restaurants).  Some of it may be different.  Some don't go home to a spouse, and some don't have a large family, but most people have someone, whether it's family or friends or a pet or someone they can call and chat with on the phone.  And many people see something beautiful each day.  
But many days we just go along - at least sometimes I do - thinking about the latest news, the latest projects, what bills we need to pay, and what so-and-so said to us. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the sorrows and the anxieties that I forget to notice and thank God for the beautiful blessings that come our way each day.

But these little every day things are the joys...not just the holidays (which aren't always as fun for those of us who have lost someone recently), not just major social events or fun-filled vacation trips, but the little joys of life that we can grasp each day.   What little joys did you experience in the past 24 hours? 

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