Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Saint Therese - Sample Chapter and News

Little Saint Therese -- Sample Chapter

Saint Therese Had a Puppy Named Tom

One day Papa brought Little Therese a big surprise! Hidden in a box was her own little puppy, whining to come out and play. Out jumped Tom, a little white cocker spaniel. Therese thanked her father with a delighted hug.

After that Tom went with them on their afternoon walks. He would lie sadly outside the church and wait while they prayed. He would happily wag his little tail when they came out.

Once the clean white puppy jumped into a pond and then rolled in the dusty road.

Papa said, "See, that reminds us of a spotless, white soul which becomes stained by sin."

Little Therese always remembered that lesson. She always kept her soul white for Jesus.
Please note that the Little Saint Therese book, complete with little pictures, has been moved to Amazon. 


The pictures and other additions are not included in the previous free pdf file, but if you want that free file, you can still get it here. (Please note that I have no control over any advertising that may appear on the site where that pdf exists. As a matter of fact, being the old, defunct Geocities, whose files someone graciously saved as Reocities, I have no control over the site at this time.)


You can also read the first chapter here. Enjoy! 


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