Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dayton OH Catholic Homeschoolers Conference

For my Catholic homeschooling friends in Cincinnati, OH/Northern Kentucky, and thereabouts:
A Catholic Homeschool Conference is coming to Dayton, OH in May! I just stumbled onto this information the other day on an e-group (I don't even rember which one). I hope I’m sharing this with you “in time”; I hear that this conference is filling up fast because of the many popular speakers. I also know that May is always a busy month for you all. But I wanted you to know about this in case you're interested. The conference is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th. You can find out more about it, and who the various speakers will be, by visiting the website of Dayton Homeschoolers.

Maureen Wittmann will be one of the speakers at this conference. On Friday night, there will be a series of talks for teens, and Maureen will be talking to them on the subject of “Career Exploration”, along with advice on how to search for, get, and keep a job. Not only is she passionate about Catholic homeschooling and experienced at motivating teens, but she will be sharing her expertise from ten years experience in the field of human resource. Maureen will also be speaking to parents on Saturday afternoon on the topic of “Teaching Core Subjects Using Real Books”.

Many other speakers will be there, also, who I’m sure are great, as well. Maureen just happens to be the one I know. Although I’ve never met her in person or heard her speak, I’ve read the wonderful material she has written for books, magazines, and e-groups. I’ve known her as a friend, via the internet, for about three years. So if you can go, take me with you in spirit. (smile). And please come back and share with us, if you will.

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