Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Stuff

We're doing that "storage stuff" today that's been going on for months since our relocation: sorting through boxes that Ed and Peter brought home from the storage unit, going to storage to take a picture of the barbecue that we want to sell, and best of all, hanging some of the decorative plates over the breakfast bar which had been hanging in our home in KY. Ed measures the wall and each plate, and does a terrific job.

It took a while to decide which plates to hang (I have about sixteen, collected since childhood). The ones to display here "had" to coordinate together, both esthetically and thematically. I finally decided on these plates, that all represent places I've enjoyed with either the whole family or a family member: Wisconsin Dells; Disneyland; Hershey; and The Golden Lamb historic restaurant in Lebanon OH. If I get ambitious, I will try to post a picture of them for you sometimes soon.

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