Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Counting and Meeting

Do you all mind if I ramble a bit tonight? I've had a lot of different things going on with my kids the past two days, stuff like a deadline and a minor medical emergency, and so on. Rambling is all that I'm up to at the moment.

I've noticed that I've been doing a funny thing lately: counting. On Easter, as I was hurriedly getting the turkey ready for the oven, I estimated how many times I've cooked a turkey. Probably about ninety. (Yes, we have turkey for Easter, as well as for Thanksgiving and Christmas...and we'll have been married thirty years this coming July. ).

Today I started counting homeschooling years. I've been homeschooling for 22 years, homeschooling high school for 13 years, and homeschooling special education (visual impairment) for five years. Now isn't that fascinating? (Said laughingly.)

The other thing I've been doing is running into people I know! Acquaintances. This might sound very normal, except that, since moving to a new area, in a big city, this hadn't happened to me too often yet. The other neat thing is that in both cases the person volunteered to me where I know them from! Oh, thank you, thank you! I'm beginning to wonder if I have it written on my forehead (or in my expression), "How do I know you??" (Actually the latter. I think what's happened is that I've stopped FAKING that I know HOW I know someone.) Some of us who have a bit of prosopagnosia just don't have a clue until we've seen you about twenty times... (I haven't counted that one; I just pulled that number out of the air). But it is still SO NEAT to run into someone familiar. Hey, if you don't think that's crazy enough, I'll give you something crazier to think about. When I see family members, after not seeing them for...oh, say a week, I definitely recognize them, BUT I say (though not for them to hear, only in my head), "Wow, that's what you look like?!"...and I fall in love with them all over again.

I hope you, dear reader, are having a sane and wonderful Easter Week! God bless!

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