Sunday, April 01, 2007

News of Peter and Paul

I posted the following today at my VIP Homeschooler Blog:

News of Peter: We are finally getting settled into our new area, as Friday I took Peter to a homeschool P.E. group. While he joined the other kids, I introduced myself to the instructor (a personal trainer), and told him, "Peter doesn't see very well. He can see to get around, but if you demonstrate something, he might not know what you're doing." He was smiling and nodding confidently. And then I said, "But he doesn't like attention called to his having a vision problem." He was still smiling, and I don't remember what he said next, but I realized then that I hadn't given him any time to think about how to handle this. I'm wondering now why am I still learning how to do this after all these years? Do we ever really get life figured out? However, the instructor handled it superbly. And Peter loved the class, and connected with the new kids.

News of Paul
: (As background, for anyone who doesn't know, Paul is the second of my six children to have a vision problem. While Peter suddenly became legally blind five years ago at the age of eight, Paul's vision problem began this past January at the age of 21. He, too, is now legally blind.)

Last week Paul was voted president of the Newman Club on his college campus. I guess he is taking the advice of Our Lord about the leader serving, because a couple days later found him making pasta and baked pears for the group. It doesn't look like Paul's new vision loss is going to hold him back in life!

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