Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy Week

Because it is Holy Week, the week of Our Lord's suffering for our salvation, I may be posting more items of a religious nature than usual this week. Next week I will be back to the normal, everyday variety.

I decided yesterday to start the week with the works of mercy, as enjoined by Our Lord in Sacred Scripture.

Today I'm posting the Corporal Works of Mercy, and tomorrow I will post the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

We can't all be Mother Teresa, but we can do the things that are before us in our daily life. For example, to feed the hungry: I know someone who said that her father carries grocery store gift certificates to give to those who ask him for money on the street (we would, of course, want it to be a store that is in close proximity to where the person is, who is asking).

We may not always be able to visit someone who is in prison or who is sick, but we may be able to send them a letter or card.

And we might be able, at some time in our lives, to take in someone who is not actually homeless but who might be if we did not, or who might not be able to pursue their career or education, if we did not.

Do we have a lot of clothes sitting in our closet that someone else could use?

Even taking care of our families, we perform these works, if only we do it with love of God as well as love of our loved ones. As Mother Teresa loved to point out, we are serving the poor, in those we meet on the street, in our families.

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