Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just Musings

Too little to do and too much to think about. Well, okay, I don't really have too little to do. I mean, there are plenty of things here at home that I need to do that I'm not getting done! Maybe I'm doing too little fun things, or too little things that are out in the community. Yesterday I was thinking that since I've lived here for ten months now, that I should be settled into the community. But I am not. So I guess there's something wrong with me...or there's something wrong with the community. (If you live in the community, please stay with me here, because I meant that humorously, and because the rest will explain that I don't really mean that... Please read this post knowing I have a smile on my face as I'm writing it.)

Patience was never one of my greatest virtues, that's for sure! Last night I was talking with my daughter and she pointed out that ten months is really NOT so long. Oh. And then I remembered that a lady I met who had moved from Cincinnati to here to Atlanta said it takes two years to adjust to a new area. Hmm. Someone else told me it took her a year to get over being VERY homesick in a new place.

So...yesterday I didn't post to my blog because I was "down". Not about anything new. Just the same ol', same ol'. Lonely and homesick. Paul's recent vision loss. Kids in another state (that's young adult kids, not children, for anyone who just got here and doesn't know.) Okay, so now the truth is out: I'm human! (Oh, you guessed that already, huh?). Yeah, I've noticed that sometimes people who blog (or write anything else) sometimes only put forth their best foot. Well, a blog is partly a journal, and so today I'm not (maybe today I'm putting my foot in my mouth instead of putting my best foot forward?). Of course, it doesn't help any that I'm going through...um, middle age-ness.

Now the birds are singing and it's going to be a good day. Hope you all have a good day!

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