Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Home

As I looked at the the picture in the previous post, looking past Peter, I thought how funny it would be if someone thought that was our house behind him. Um, yeah. What a mansion, huh?! Plenty of room for everyone, and let's have a party! Naw, actually, it's the apartment complex that we live in. However, I am so grateful for such a beautiful, woodsy place to live! And hey, it doesn't take me long to do the vacuuming and scrubbing (we won't talk about the clutter).

We have a fitness room, and stores to walk to. When summer comes, the guys can go swimming in the pool any time...with a lifeguard on duty. I can join the fun or I can stay home and type while they swim. And best of all, I don't have to vacuum the leaves out of the pool or fish small wildlife out of the skimmer basket, like "back home". So, yes, with only five of us living at home, this apartment-living is actually a pretty good life.

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