Thursday, April 26, 2007

Catholic Homeschool Blog Directory

Those family members and friends who just come here to see if I've published any new pictures or family news may not be interested in this directory.

But here's something that may be interesting for those Catholic homeschoolers who like to read or write blogs (and who writes them who doesn't like to read them, as well?). Esther in Hawaii (A Catholic Mom in Hawaii) has a Catholic Homeschool Blog Directory set up by states (and countries).

For each state there is a picture of the state flower, which is neat in itself. It's also fun just to go and explore to see what blogs are out there, and what states they come from. Of course, there are many more blogs in the blogosphere, but this is one fun way to discover some new ones.

If you have a Catholic homeschool blog that is public, and is not listed in the directory, you can send Esther an email and ask her to add yours to the directory.

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