Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Storm Heaven

Please join me in praying for the hosts of the Homeschool Blog Awards, especially for Heather. (Ironically, her blog name is "Especially Heather".) Heather wasn't feeling well over the weekend, and is seeing a neurosurgeon this morning for a brain tumor that was discovered yesterday. What a shock to her, and her family and friends.

This isn't someone I know, but I have some idea (though probably only vague) how much time and dedication she and the others on the Homeschool Blog Award Team have been putting into this effort. One of the others on the team, Laura, is Heather's best friend, so this is affecting her, as well.

Sprittibee, the kind lady who first volunteered to do the Homeschool Blog Awards for this year, also posts in her blog this morning about Heather's dedication and her illness.

Sprittibee says that the voting goes on. It's all set up to be automatic, and she can continue to watch over it for fairness. She does ask for patience with the results after the voting ends on Friday. There is something more important to think about right now than winners and prizes.

Please, let's all storm heaven for Heather, and for her family and friends.

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