Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sidebar Changes

I hope you'll like the changes to my sidebar. Yesterday I looked at the long list of "Labels" and counted 25 of them! Who would want to wade through that? ...unless you're looking for something in particular.

So, today I added a list of seven labels and called it: "Labels-Topical"; and I re-labeled the old list: "Labels-Alphetical".

This is why my posts now have seemingly repetitious labels, such as this one being labeled "About this Blog" and "My Blog and Me".

I may not get posts from the past re-labeled all at once; it will be a work in progress.

Ultimately, even though this sounds more complicated (for me), I hope it will make the blog less complicated and more user friendly, for you, my dear reader.


Jean M. Heimann said...

I love the Fur Elise music that have you have. Is that a new addition or have I just had my speakers turned off when I came to visit previously?

Margaret Mary Myers said...

One of my sons added that for me in February.
Glad you like it! Thanks.