Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today We Go to College

This morning Ed and I will be going with Greg to an orientation day at University of Baltimore.

My daughter called last night while I was looking at their website, so I read out loud the title of one of the sessions we'll be attending, "Survival Tips for Parents of First-Year College Students". She humorously mentioned tips we've learned over the years, while my husband said from the couch, "We could teach that session."

It has been interesting this month, reading about people sending their first child to college, when we're about to send our fourth...almost our fifth, since we had a friend of our daughter live with us for a couple of years during college, besides our own three oldest in college.

Actually, that phrase "send them to college" is a misnomer, at least for us. We don't say, "You must go to college," and "Here's the money," and send them off. In our case, we haven't even "sent" them, in that they've attended local college, living at home (Paul is not local because we had to move away for my husband to get work).

Perhaps I will share wisdom with you later. (smile). Right now I've gotta' run!

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Esther said...

This post made me reflect on the inevitable day when our son leaves for college.