Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Day at Court

Approximately 85 of us were called to a court room for the selection process. After three or four hours, those of us remaining were sent to lunch. Upon returning, we spent another hour, and finally they decided on twelve jurors and two alternate jurors. Did the prosecution and defense, both of whom had said "accept" for each person, accept the jury panel? No, still more changes, and so when I was "that" close to going home, I was mistaken. I found myself an alternate juror. As I'd been telling myself all day, "Someone has to do it."

More than this I won't tell you. (That way I don't have to worry about what I can and can't tell, the latter, "can't", being the key.)

But I will ask you for something. If you have it in your heart, please say a prayer, maybe one Hail Mary if you're a Catholic, or however you'd like to pray...for all involved in this case and for God's grace and guidance.


Jean M. Heimann said...

I am praying for you right now, Margaret Mary, and will continue to pray for all those involved in this case.

I'm sure God has a very good reason for you being there.

With love and prayers,

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Jean! Besides feeling the grave responsibility of getting the right verdict, after sitting there all day with the defendant in the room watching the jury selection, I just feel that, guilty or innocent, here is a soul to be prayed for.