Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Beautiful Website for the Beautiful Mass of the Motu Proprio

I couldn't believe how beautiful the background of this website is - with it's parchment paper, script and shield. The theme is carried out beautifully throughout. More importantly, what a wonderful service they are providing! The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, in Illinois, have fashioned this website for the express purpose of teaching the Latin Mass, the Missal of 1962, which has been encouraged by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in his Motu Proprio.

If you know any priests who are saying, "I'd like to offer the Tridentine Mass, but I don't know how," here's something you can share with them. All the rubrics (the details of the ceremonies) are explained, beautifully. There is rich text, describing all the details of the Mass. There is also a sample liturgy (low Mass of Trinity Sunday), where you can choose to view a series of slides (gallery) or a video. And they have more planned for the future.

You will want to visit this website, if only so you can see its beauty.

HT: Jean at Catholic Fire.

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