Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mission Statement for Our High School

Last night I wrote a mission statement for our high school homeschool. Some of this is what I've always done. Some of it is what I've learned over the years is important, or am trying to adjust a bit. As someone who's going into her 14th continuous year of homeschooling high school, I want to say to those of you who are new to high school, or looking toward high school in the future, that what I've written are my ideals to reach toward; they are not mandates that I have to accomplish perfectly in every way. We as parents do not have super powers, nor are we perfect, which is good for our humility. We will make mistakes, and also life will often deal blows for which we are totally inadequate. But we pray, do our best, and then leave the rest to God, and to the children themselves...who will sometimes shock us, but more often amaze us. Praise God in His mighty works!

My Mission Statement for 2007-2008:
1) To prayerfully provide our children with the information, inspiration, and accessibility to the Church that will allow their Faith and love of God to grow.
2) To help them to acquire the skills they need for their personal care and economy, household care, and travel.
3) To encourage them to have self-motivation and healthy interdependence in all aspects of life.
4) To provide them with the materials, environment, support, and guidance for them to learn all they need in order to graduate from high school, and to be able to go on to a higher education, if they so choose.
5) To provide opportunities for them to seek discernment for their own personal vocation and/or career.


Alexandra said...

Sounds like a plan! With little ones, I'm still just trying to get through the day, lol! You know, things like trying to get the two year old to stop tossing food on the ground when she's finished eating...getting my nine year old to use a tissue and cover his mouth when he sneezes. Ahhh, the joys of early childhood.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Alexandra, I know the feeling; remember those days. :) And when mine were the ages of yours I didn't have a mission statement written either (Had I even heard of one? :) ). It's easier when one can look both backward and forward. However, I think you have a mission statement written in your heart! :)