Friday, August 24, 2007

A Deal was Made

Today I met at the appointed time with the other jurors, where we began waiting to be called into court...and waiting and waiting. Then, instead of the clerk coming again, the judge appeared. She thanked us and told us that a deal was made, and we wouldn't be needed any longer. (I'm not sure she said "a deal". I don't know all the terminology.)

Due to the scantiness of the evidence, the nature of the case, and the age of the defendant, I was most grateful that it was resolved as it was. The judge seemed to be very satisfied with the outcome too.

I've never served in any other county, so I'm not making any comparison to any other county. This is my first time seeing the justice system at work. That being said, I want to say that I was very positively impressed with everyone I dealt with as a juror here in Baltimore County.

And I'm grateful for your prayers. Thank you!

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Jean M. Heimann said...

Thanks for sharing this, MM. I was wondering how this would turn out. It's always better when people can work things out between themselves than go through a jury trial. And, I'm happy it was a good experience for you and didn't take up too much of your time.

God bless you!