Thursday, August 09, 2007

Anniversary Celebration

As you can see, the beach was a bit crowded, or as I would put it "wall to wall people" (Do you see any walls?). We had been all set for a walk on the beach, but ya' know, it was way too hot anyway. It was so hot that the sand that crept over my flip-flops was frying my feet. It was so hot that I felt like my brain was fried. And I told Ed that we could fry an egg on the bench at the boardwalk, but that by the time we got the egg to the bench in order to fry it, it would have spoiled, so we wouldn't be able to eat it anyway. (See what I mean about my brain having been fried?) It was only 98 degrees, but I hear the "heat index" was way over 100.

We did have a very nice time, though! We went to a Victorian restaurant overlooking the ocean for lunch. (You do know that you get the best prices by eating lunch rather than dinner at a nice restaurant, don't you? It's also a way to enjoy the beauty and ambience of the hotel lobby, while staying at a less expensive motel up the street a few miles.)

And now, having been away from my computer from Tuesday morning to Wednesday night, I have (at last count) 45 blog posts to read and 92 emails to process. Much of that processing will be hitting the delete button. No, not on personal emails, but on groups, newsletters and advertising. Hmm, I wonder if I could hit the delete button on some of my household clutter, too.

P.S. Just occurred to me you might wonder what beach it is. It's Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a couple hours drive from home.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Happy Anniversary!

Looks like a great time!

And I'm soooo with you on the clutter!

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thanks, Maria! :)