Friday, August 17, 2007

Party Manners for Blog Visits

Comments I've seen on some blogs recently spurred me to compare a blog to a party. You can read what I wrote here at my Reflections blog.

Oh, and please feel free to leave comments! (Smiling as I say that.) Really, I WELCOME your comments!


Alice Gunther said...

Margaret Mary, I am always glad to come to any party you host!

diana said...

It is not just on blogs that people are mannerless. Trust me, I am not Miss Manners but I do know not to march into someone's house and ask why is that baby gate there, and when it's explained that it's to keep the dog out, argue with how you run your it should not be there and to let the dog scratch and vomit and urinate in there, with new hardwood floors because that adds "character"... and say "let me tell you how to live"...literally! Or what homeschool program you should be using because you are "too anal" to use Seton...or if someone rejects a religious program because the teacher isn't up to par, question the decisions a husband and wife make for their family and go on at length for over a half and hour over the personality faults a person must have for making such decisions.... I have met some bossy people who have no problem giving me unasked for advice on things none of their business. Not Church doctrine, but personal preferences...without going into too much detail. I could easily rant here.
Okay, I admit it, I did rant, am I the rude one!?

I am too polite to tell the person to MTOB but really!