Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Travel...and the Vatican

Thunderstorms were being predicted for today, both here in Maryland and there in Kentucky, so I decided we would stay here another day, and fly tomorrow. For anyone who may be jealous that I can just hop in a plane and fly whenever I want, well, yes, I do very much appreciate what I have...and I thank God and my daughter many times. But it might not be quite as good as you might think, either. If flying is uncertain, flying stand-by is triply so (I didn't think "quadruply" had a good sound to it or else I would have used it). Of course, that also means that I have lots of adventures to tell from the five years or so that I've had a daughter working for airlines. But right now I've had enough adventure for awhile, including the trip last week (I may tell about that one some day. Oh, no, I'm not forgetting that I told you; but I only told it from one angle, not from the angle of diversions and delays.). So, for my part, I'm trying to avoid adventure this time, by keeping my weather eye out. The rest is up to God's "decisions"...

On a different travel note, according to my Yahoo news the Vatican has just come out with a document about, interestingly, driving. You can read about it here.

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