Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting Paul Home

For anyone who's been following the adventure of getting Paul home, they are now back in Northen Kentucky. They drove him back today (they being the Baltimore part of the family). I can't believe that we couldn't fly for four whole days! (Couldn't fly as "stand-by" relatives of an employee, that is)

For anyone in Cincinnati, I'm sorry but this is just a "flying" trip: drive out, spend a quick night in a motel, and drive back. And if you noticed the "they", yes, that doesn't include me.

Remember the jury duty? Well, last night they told me to call at noon today. So I stayed behind. I called at 12:15, but no message. So I drove over to the court house to find they don't need jurors right now, but will summon us again, probably within 60 days. (At least now I know where it is, where the parking is, etc.). I said, "And I missed a family trip for this." (Yes, I said that aloud. I've become much more vocal than I used to be.) But you know what? I think I needed some quiet time. Time to wash the dishes (go ahead, laugh; I'm glad I stayed home from a trip so I could wash the dishes?). I needed time to "regroup".

And now I'm going to get off the computer so I can go relax. Hmm, can anyone tell me the meaning of that word "relax", so I can do it?

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