Thursday, June 07, 2007

Prayer to Saint Helena

Saint Helena, who searched for and found the wood of the true Cross on which Christ died, help us to find the cross of Christ by patiently accepting the crosses that come our way in life.

Saint Helena, who built hospitals, orphanages, and homes for elderly people, remind us often of Christ’s words, “What you do to the least of mine, you do to Me.”

Saint Helena, Mother of Constantine the Great, and Empress of Rome, lead us to the Holy Empress of heaven and earth, and teach us to be trusting children of our Blessed Mother.

Saint Helena, a convert to Christianity, intercede for the conversion of those who do not have Faith, and pray for us to grow in ours. Amen.

Originally written about 1971
Revised and copyrighted 2007
By Margaret Mary Myers


Anonymous said...

Can I call you MaMa Myer?
Thanks for this prayer, when I read it makes me realise how important st Helana was in society, there people out there who real need these prayers to console their broken hearts and all enviroments around them. Thank you. Ben

Anonymous said...

saint helena is my confirmation name!lol i love her she did good work and im glad i picked her.and she is also my fav my chemical romance song!the wrote it for the lead singers granmal who died:(but its a good song to think about and listin to.