Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Mystery of Harry Potter

Catholic homeschool mother and G. K. Chesterton expert Nancy Brown has written a book about the Harry Potter series. The Mystery of Harry Potter will be an answer to prayer for those of us who would like to explain to our concerned Catholic friends that the books can actually be beneficial to our children rather than something to be feared, but haven’t quite known how to explain that.

Besides pointing out Catholic themes and symbolism found within the Harry Potter series, Mrs. Brown will also provide teachers with a discussion guide at the end of the book.

I have pre-ordered my copy of The Mystery of Harry Potter. I'm waiting excitedly for it to come out later this month.

If you - like I - can't wait to get your order in, you have two options. If you want your book autographed, you can order it at Nancy's blog, Flying Stars. If you do want an autograph, be sure to send her an email, letting her know that.

Or you can simply order the book directly from the publisher, Our Sunday Visitor.


Alexandra said...

Oh, thanks for this! Ds loves Harry Potter. He's reading through them for the umteth(sp?) time. That and LOTRs. Tell us what you think when you get it.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Alexandra, Will do. I'll probably write a book review after I read it. :)