Tuesday, June 26, 2007

McDowell Rehabilitation Center

Where Paul will be going soon! I'm sooo happy that this is beginning to come together. I am not a patient person by nature... And I know that a person who is blind can lead a normal, full, happy, independent life. But when it first happens, well, there is more than a little training needed. And since we're talking about an adult - living in another state - I can't exactly homeschool here! (Not to speak of the fact that I'm not a blindness professional.)

The following is taken from the McDowell Center's website:
"The purpose of the Charles W. McDowell Center is to empower individuals who are blind and visually impaired to achieve greater education outcomes, become more effective in the workplace and enjoy participation in community life. The training opportunities at the Charles W. McDowell Center are designed to promote independence, family education, problem solving techniques, and employability which assists individuals in achieving their highest potential in career and personal goals. Derrick Cox, Manager of the McDowell Rehabilitation Center"

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