Sunday, June 24, 2007

My New Car is My Old Car

Do you remember that I was car-hunting? Since the transmission was bad on my minivan (pictured), I felt I needed a car that could be more dependable...a car that I could take on the freeway. I only wanted to spend around three thousand dollars on this purchase, but optimistically I started my search.

The first car I found that was even worth going to look at was a '93, just like mine; but it turned out to be a midget car and we have teen sons, one of whom is 6 feet tall. Besides that, something occurred to me: If I bought a car - and its transmission went bad, then where would I be?
While these thoughts danced in my head, I came across a blog post where Leticia of Cause of Our Joy shares wisdom from her mother. She said that while we have something, we should care for it, fix it when it's broken. She wasn't referring only to old cars (I think you'd enjoy that post), but when I read "old cars", something clicked in my head, something that had slowly been coming together.
So I called my brother-in-law Mark, an Aamco Transmissions shop owner in Saugus, California, to consult with him. He put me in touch with the Catonsville, Maryland Aamco Transmissions shop. And they took very good care of me and my car!
In turn, the car took very good care of my menfolk this weekend, who drove from Baltimore to Northern Kentucky, and back again. Over twenty hours of driving, lots of mountainous terrain, with long and winding hills, and no problem. Thank you, Mark, for referring us to the Catonsville Aamco. Thank you, Mike and John and Dean and all the mechanics whose names I don't know. Thank you, God, for giving us back our "Old Reliable" car.


Esther said...

I think you made a good decision MM. BTW, I think my sister has the same car.

Alexandra said...

Good for you, and to think it was just a transmission problem, easily fixed! It must be like having a brand new car now. It certainly looks newish...nice looking van.

Jean M. Heimann said...

I'm happy to hear that you got it fixed and that it's running like new again. It definitely looks like new. You must take good care of it.

My car is a '92 and I wouldn't trade it in for a new one. It was a wedding gift from my fiancee 15 years ago. Our anniversary is June 27th.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Esther, Alexandra, and Jean, Thanks! :) Jean, congratulations!

Prince Moss said...

If the transmission going was the first time your car broke down, then absolutely it was better to have it fixed rather than buy a new car right away. Keep an eye on that car though – too many repairs can do quite a damage themselves. If the need to get your car fixed becomes more and more frequent, that's the time to consider buying a new car.