Thursday, June 21, 2007


Flying is something I used to enjoy. Well, all of it except the part about being up in the air, stuck in an airplane, way above the ground. You laugh. (I hope.) But there's lots more to love about it. Being able to get where you want to go quickly and meet your loved ones, or enjoy a vacation with spouse or family. Seeing lots of people. Seeing lots of happy people. Seeing lots of happy people excitedly meeting their loved ones. (Is this starting to sound like Dick and Jane?). Being served a well-balanced meal on the plane, served on a tray complete with plate and silverware. (You can tell my flying days go back a ways.)

Flying as a parent of an airline employee is something I used to enjoy. Stand-by travel can be a fun adventure if you don't have a pressing engagement. When you can't get to your destination city, sometimes you can fly to another city and then fly in to yours from there (I've been "in" cities where I've never set foot outside the airport buildings). My daughter has worked for airlines for about five of the past seven years or so. I've flitted around to get where I wanted to go, but I've never been stuck overnight. Family members have spent the night in an airport but never longer than that.

But right now I can't get Paul home! When I went to get him, I knew that I have to report for jury duty on Friday morning (IF my number comes up when I call in on Thursday evening...tonight, that is). So I figured, well, if I plan to take him back on Tuesday the 19th, that allows a little margin for error. Tuesday, thunder storms and pretty full planes. So we didn't go, and it turns out it's good as there were cancellations. Wednesday, well, I suppose they had to make up for the cancellations, so Wednesday, once again, we look into how the flights look and we might as well just not bother to drive to the airport. I going to fly out of town, on stand-by, when I have to (maybe) report for jury duty in the morning? So Ed said he'll take Friday off and take him back then. But Paul is ready to go back home, so he said he is willing to fly alone on Thursday. Last night it looked like that might work. This morning, no way. And Friday isn't looking so good, either.

So, we just might be driving Paul back over the weekend. Shh, I haven't told the kids here yet; only told Paul privately. (They don't bother to read my blog.). So I used to like to fly. Well, hmm, my neighbor and my youngest son, each independently, told me that the problem is probably the fact that school is letting out for the summer. And I thought I was a "planner"...

New subject! Speaking of flying, Nancy Brown at Flying Stars has written a terrific book called The Mystery of Harry Potter, a Catholic Family Guide. I received my copy in yesterday's mail! I can't wait to read it. I've read little nuggets here and there already, and it looks every bit as good as I had anticipated. I will give it a post of its own as soon as I read a little more, so I have something worthwhile to say about it besides that I like it and am excited.

If I don't post for a few days, you'll know that I'm flying...maybe flying around the house getting ready for a long drive; probably ten hours one way, spend one night, and ten hours back again. (And ten hours is the mapquest time, not allowing for stops, of which I am fond.)

I hope you all have a great weekend, and please keep us in your prayers.

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