Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sixty Years as a Priest

Today, on the feast of Corpus Christi, we celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of Fr. Casimir Peterson. This wonderful priest, who offers the Tridentine Latin Mass at St. Alphonsus church, processes to the altar with a smile on his face and still climbs the spiral staircase into the pulpit to give his sermons. After Mass, the pastor Msgr. Bastress read the letters of congratulation to Fr. Peterson from the Cardinal, as well as from the governor, the mayor, the city council, senators and others in government. Fr. Peterson had a few words to say afterward, commenting pleasantly that he hadn't expected to be congratulated but simply to be thanking God.

Note re: Picture: The church is not dark, as it appears here, at least on my computer, with my photography. Also, just for disclosure...I took this picture a few months back, not today. But, at any rate, isn't it a beautiful church!

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Micki said...

Having just returned from Italy I will tell you that your church is as beautiful as those in Europe. Lucky you.
To be blessed with a priest of 60 years....what an honor. Will keep him in my prayers.