Friday, June 29, 2007

Catholic Family Expo Homeschool Day

Attending the homeschool day of the Catholic Family Expo was a real treat!

There were so many different talks being given at any one time that it was difficult to decide which one to attend. However, tapes were being made of each talk. I see that in the near future there will be order forms for the tapes (or CDs). (You can find information on this here.) So even if you don't live here or otherwise couldn't attend, you can hear the talks that you might be interested in.

But if you see that my name was on the program among the people talking about special needs, you won't want to order just to hear me give a talk, because I didn't give a speech, only a wee little introduction of myself (with a "you can do it" conclusion). If you do have a student with special needs, you might want to hear Tamar Hugoboom's inspiring, spiritual talk about teaching our children who have special needs.

As for me, I've thought about getting that tape, but I'm a bit afraid that if I hear myself, I will never speak in public again. But it was worth the anguished shyness to be there - rubbing shoulders with others who have been there too.

It was uplifting just to be there all day among all these wonderful people!

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