Saturday, July 21, 2007

Things that Made me Happy Yesterday

In the interest of ending with the good stuff, I'd like to ask first for prayers for my relatives, particularly our son Paul, who is now essentially blind, and my father, who lives in an assisted living facility and is going through some things at the moment. If you'd like to just include the whole family (immediate and extended), it would be much appreciated.

However, I'd like to share with you a list I made last night when I was thinking about all the happy things about that day. Maybe this could be a Meme: Twelve things that made me happy.

1) We discovered a clean, well-lighted supermarket (Shoppers) where we will be able to consistently spend less than at our previous supermarket. (The supermarket being one of our three weekly stores, along with Walmart and Sam's Club).

2) Greg, Robert, Peter and I had a pleasant grocery shopping expedition, with everyone getting along well.

3) Peter and I marveled together at the engineering and efficiency of a piece of furniture we saw at Sam's Club, a full-sized loft bed atop a semi-circular desk.

4) Ed and I planned together how we can reasonably but enjoyably celebrate our upcoming 30th anniversary.

5) The weather was beautiful: perfect temperature with blue sky, a few white clouds to make it picture perfect, and breezes.

6) We attended a neighborhood party - a bank grand opening - where we got to see a hot air balloon being inflated. The basket didn't get off the ground, due to the breezes, but it was still fun to see how it worked and to see that huge balloon being inflated.

7) My sister called with pleasant news of a couple outings my Dad seemed to enjoy.

8) I walked, between the morning and the afternoon, over two miles. (Okay, that might sound like peanuts to some people, but at least it's exercise.) And thanks, Debbie, for getting me out in the mornings.

9) Robert received his new cell phone and was thrilled. He, who doesn't like to talk on the phone, couldn't wait to tell Mary when she called, and you could hear him happily laughing and talking with her.

10) Esther posted pictures of Haunama Bay in Hawaii, a place I'd visited as a child with my family about 42 years ago and as I looked at the pictures, it was just the same as I remembered it. Thanks, Esther.

11) Paul will soon be going to the McDowell Center for a couple weeks.

12) This coming weekend Joe is coming out for a visit!

I tag anyone who would like to share with us things that have made them happy recently...whatever number you'd like.

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Esther said...

MM, I really enjoyed reading this list. Your family is in my prayers. Thanks for the link.