Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogger Reflection Award

Jean at Catholic Fire gave me this award. Wow, I feel so honored! And I was overwhelmed by her kind words, too. Thank you, Jean!

In case Jean’s blog isn’t already one of your regular stops on your internet journeys, I’d like to tell you something about her blog. It lives up to it’s slogan, two quotes from St. Catherine of Siena: "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire." "Let the truth be your delight....proclaim it...,but with a certain congeniality." She shares truth at her blog in very palatable ways, and always with warmth and congeniality.

And now to pass on the award to five other bloggers.

1) Crazy Acres, the blog of my dear old friend, “Mary Poppins Not”, who is really my dear younger friend, as I knew her when she was a child (and I was already an adult). I was so happy to find her on the internet recently. MPN shares about her faith, her family, and her iconography. She has been an example to me as a blogger in sharing from the heart rather than just from the mind.

2) Happy Hearts at Home, where Alexandra blends tips and resources for being thrifty, with a love for her husband and children, with a love for gardening and cooking, with saint stories...all mixed up into a recipe of enjoyable snippets of reading. Her other blog Happy Hearts Homeschooling Library provides numerous reviews and links for free online books.

3) Studeo, where Alicia shares little stories of her family and homeschooling, as well as reviews and clips from books. She especially shares with us a paragraph here and a quote there from a lot of faith-filled books, papal documents, catechism, and Scripture.

4) Flying Stars is the blog of Nancy Carpentier Brown who wrote The Mystery of Harry Potter, A Catholic Family Guide. Tiptoe when you're there, if you haven't read the seventh Harry Potter book, as there are a lot of discussions of the book in the comments sections (sometimes referred to as "spoilers"). But if you peruse Nancy's blog, you will see that it's not all about Harry Potter. She is a G.K.Chesterton expert, who has written study guides for his The Blue Cross and his Saint Francis of Assisi. In the sidebar, you can find links to articles that Nancy has written about literature and homeschooling.

5) Maureen Wittmann, as you may have guessed would be included in this list, if you've been reading my blog for very long. Maureen is the one who suggested that I start a blog. As I said in April, when I nominated her for Super-Homeschooler Blog at the Homeschool Blog Awards: "She homeschools both little ones and teenagers, and is very involved in their lives and activities...She shares all this and more with the rest of us, for our encouragement, too; along with giving us words of wisdom about how we can do it." I would like to add that I'm most impressed by her kindness, and her faith in everyday living miracles, the kind of faith that moves mountains.

Now, you five ladies can copy this award onto your own blog. And then guess what you get to do...if you have time and all that. Name five other blogs. I hope, if you have time, that you enjoy it. I had fun doing it.


Maureen Wittmann said...

Thanks MM!! You are way too sweet!!!!

Alexandra said...

Thanks so much!

Nancy C. Brown said...

Thank you, MM ;-)