Monday, July 02, 2007

What if You Don't Homeschool?

This post is supposed to follow the post, "Why Do I Homeschool", but of course on blogs the most recent post appears first. So if you haven't yet read that one, you might want to scroll down and read that post before you read this one.

The following is a copy of my response to a comment at Philosopher Mom's blog:

I wanted to respond in a separate post to the lady who asked if choosing a Catholic education makes her less of a Catholic than the homeschooling moms. I'm sure you mean "in our eyes". Not in mine!

I have wonderful friends whose children went to (or currently go to) Catholic schools...and also to public schools. There are "success stories" coming from Catholic (and other Christian) and public schools, as well as in homeschooling; and there are "failure stories" in homeschooling, as well as in religious and public schools. (Although there really is no such thing as failure when we speak of a person!)

As parents, we pray for guidance, make our decisions, and do the best we can, day in and day out, one step at a time. We need to do what we do - do our best - for love of our children and love of God, and then leave the results in God's Hands...and respect one another.

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