Thursday, July 05, 2007

Proud Mother of an Air Force Recruit

And speaking of the Fourth of July and our great country, I've been saving this news for a propitious time.

Our son Joe is going into the Air Force! He felt called to do this, and he wants to serve. When he was considering it, I told him that I would be proud. I told him that I'm already proud of him and will be proud of him either way. I'm proud that he wants to do something to serve, something worthwhile, that he wants to serve his country.

So this worrier mom is going to have to become a warrior mom...a warrior of prayer. A proud warrior of prayer. Your prayers are welcome, too!


Alexandra said...

Congratulations to your son! He'll have some wonderful adventures. We(my husband) are ex-Air Force, and most of friends growing up were A.F. I lived overseas most of my childhood. I miss the traveling the most.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Alexandra, Thank you for sharing that!