Thursday, July 12, 2007

We Have a New Archbishop!

"We" being the archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien has most recently been the Archbishop of the United States Military. What I've read about him so far makes me happy.

You can read what the Baltimore Sun has to say about his life here.

Sometime after becoming Archbishop of the Military, he spoke to veterans in a VA hospital in the Bronx. The article says: "Archbishop O'Brien mentioned the prayers they offer, the sacrifices they make, the cooperation and help they lend one another in their needs and suffering and said, 'All that offered up to God brings tremendous spiritual power to those who need it most, those who are in harm's way this very day.'"

And in an October, 2000 Letter to the Archdiocese of Military Services, USA, he speaks of voting and says: "But among these and many other matters of moral concern, one subject stands out as preeminent --foundational to every other. And that is the sacred dignity of human life and the right to life itself !"

Welcome to Baltimore, Your Excellency.

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