Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Visit to Washington D.C.

Yesterday we visited Washington D.C. with four of our kids. Joe, who is visiting here from Kentucky, is the one who's going into the Air Force. He took charge of navigating us through the subways and streets of D.C. We had a great time, although I might have enjoyed it more if I didn't have a July furnace on the outside and mid-life furnace on the inside, both going on at the same time, along with trying to keep up with all the men who have longer legs and longer strides than I do. All the guys, though, were very understanding when I'd say, "Halt! I've gotta' stop and rest." Thanks, guys!

By the way, that's the White House behind us, and the Washington Monument in the other picture.


Jean M. Heimann said...

Great photos, Margaret Mary! I know what you mean about those dual furnaces - LOL!

My dh takes those long strides,too. He is 6'7" - more than a foot taller than I am and hard to keep up with. I have to remind him that my legs are shorter and to slow down, which he does.

They sound like a group of caring and sensitive males.

Enjoy your vacation! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Alice Gunther said...

Margaret Mary, these photos are wonderful!