Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Math is Not Quite That Bad

...just for the information. I'm not a math whiz. But I do know that from July 10 to July 11 is not two days (as it would appear on my last post). It's actually 12:16 a.m. my time (which means, of course, after midnight), on July 12th; but for some reason it still comes up as July 11th. Guess my server-thingie-blogger-provider-company resides in California or some place like that. Speaking of "high time" and academics, it's high time I go to bed, as my writing doesn't seem real literary at the moment (have you ever heard of "my coach has turned back into a pumpkin"?)...and I do need to get up in the morning and finish getting the kids through the schoolyear. (Now, if you homeschool and you're done, you can say, "Wow!" and feel really good. Right? You can say, "Wow! She's not done yet? I'm ahead of her."). And if you haven't read that previous post, you can go link from it to the Catholic Carnival, where you can read some things that are more literary. Enjoy!

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