Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Today I visited the beautiful home of a very gracious homeschooling mother, who did our review. We belong to an "umbrella school" for accountability. In our new state the choice is to have the school district review our work at the end of the school year or to belong to an umbrella school and have a member parent review our work. (This decision was a no-brainer for me.)

So, tomorrow I will mail our paperwork to our umbrella school, Churchville Christian School, and we will be finished with school for the year! Yes, it's late July, but hey, at least we actually finished.

Now I get the pleasure of planning for the coming year. We've already bought most of our curriculum, but I want to write weekly lesson plans.

Well, as I said at the beginning, the home I visited today was beautiful. Beautiful isn't even the word. It was big. Big isn't even the word. It was massively gorgeous! But it's theirs, and ours is ours, and there's no place like home. After a lovely visit, I had several errands to run, and finally drove up our driveway. As I saw the beauty of our apartment buildings and trees, I felt joy and contentment at being home, and I thought, "Home, Sweet Home!" How does it go? "...Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home." Thank you, God, for our simple, cluttered but comfortable, happy home.

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Alexandra said...

I love that feeling of having finished something. And you still have five weeks left to rest and take it easy.

We are still plugging along because we school all year round. When he finishes one book, he just begins the next, so we have all different grades going at once. Sometimes I forget his assigned grade. Ds always gives a blank stare when strangers what grade he is in.

We do breaks, but I don't think we can ever coordinate finishing up everything at the same time, which might be nice for a long break.

We have to test(math and english) and send notice in August here in Va. It ends up costing me $25.00 every year for a CAT test from Seton. Not too bad. No exciting home visits here. ;) We like our little home too.