Monday, July 23, 2007

Books about Books!

Have you ever wondered what are the best books for your child to read? Have you ever wondered how you can possibly read all the books in the library so you know what to check out for your children? Soon, you will need to wonder no more.

Catholic homeschooling mother, author, and speaker, Maureen Wittmann has written a book For the Love of Literature, soon to come out! She spent twelve years writing it, and it includes about 950 book recommendations for all ages from the littlest ones through adults, as well as short chapters about using your library and other educational topics. You can read what Maureen has to say about the book here and here. For the Love of Literature should be available in a few short months or possibly less.

Cay Gibson, another Catholic homeschooling mother, author and speaker, has a book in the finishing stages which also recommends books. A Picture Perfect Childhood is a unique reading guide which explores the world of picture books. Besides the book recommendations, she has essays, including "Using Picture Books with Teenaged Readers" and "Picture Books for Mother". You can read what Cay says about the book here and here. A Picture Perfect Childhood should be coming out in Autumn of 2007.

Because I'm frugal - and I try to be efficient with my sparse shelf space - I usually think one book on a subject just might be enough. But I'm excitedly saving my pennies for both of these two books. Check them out! I will let you know when we can order them.

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