Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We're Committed

I spent a whole bunch of precious money today ordering schoolbooks for next school year, so we are definitely committed to hunkering in for another high school term. Next fall is Robert's senior year and Peter begins high school. Twenty-two years of homeschooling elementary school (after five of teaching it in a small school before that) are coming to an end.

Am I ready for this? Oh, wait. I've been homeschooling high school for...umm, about thirteen years I think. So I think we can do this!

But best of all, the books available have gotten better and better over the years! I can't believe how fortunate we've been to have Dr. Jay Wile's Apologia Science series for the past six or seven years. These are great science textbooks from a scientist who is a Christian. (For us Catholic homeschoolers, it's nice to know that there is no anti-Catholic bias in these books.)

And now for math we have the awesome Teaching Textbooks. These come with accompanying CD Roms where the authors teach the lessons orally while the student looks at sample problems. Robert tried this program this year for Algebra 2 and is sold on it! I have just ordered their Geometry for him. We're also getting their Alebra 1 for our visually-impaired son Peter who is thrilled that he will be able to listen to the explanations of the lessons. With his computer enlargement software, he should be able to also see the problems that are being explained. I'll keep you posted on how this works out for him, come fall.

Rob will be exploring career aptitude next fall. To supplement my own lesson plans for this course, I ordered a CD of Maureen Wittmann's talk to the teens, "Career Exploration for Teens and Young Adults", from the Greater Milwaukee's Catholic Home Educators 2007 Conference.

For Peter, I have ordered a New Testament on cassette tapes from Ignatius, and This is the Faith on MP3 CD from TAN Books.

We're good to go!


Alexandra said...

Oh good, so if I questions I'll be able to track you down. ;) Ds is starting fourth grade next year, but it goes so fast! Seems like he was in K just last year.

Congrats on Peter's graduation!

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thanks, Alexandra. Yes, it does go fast...sometimes. :) I'll be happy to talk with you if you ever have questions. Homeschooling has become so diverse and there is so much available today in the way of materials and methods. It's fun to watch the growth. I love your blog! So many ideas and so bright and cheery! Saving doesn't have to be a gloomy thing, does it?

Alexandra said... can be a fun challenge, saving(frugality) that is. I always enjoy rising to the occasion. Give me a challenge and I'll run with it...if I sufficiently interested...and motivated. heh, heh. ;)