Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beautiful Tuesday

The sun is shining. The birds are talking. A mower is humming. The fresh air is "just right" with the balcony door open. I am thankful to God, and also to those who serve, and have served, to help us to keep our freedoms. Yesterday I didn't post about Memorial Day (or anything else), but we did offer our Rosary for those who have given their lives for us and for our country.

Yesterday for us was a very productive day, digging our way out of clutter and tunneling our way through memories, as we sorted through about seven big boxes of papers. I couldn't have done it without Ed. He pushed me by example, led by doing. I'm not the worst pack rat in the world but I'm one of the worst paper pack rats. I'm so thankful for the invention of the computer, where I don't have to save everything on paper (I tried when we got our first PC. I would print everything interesting that I found on the internet.)

The kids got a Memorial Day "picnic" out of our project, as we went to Subway to eat (there was no way we could eat at the table, and having just cleaned the carpets on Saturday, we weren't "into" eating dinner from the sofa, either).

As you can see from the picture, this project extends into today...around and after school time. But what you see is all that's left to sort, what's on the table plus two boxes. This is the most organized I've been since I was young and single and had all my papers in a little file box with a handle!


Chris said...

Good for you !! But you're putting me to shame. I guess I will be forced to go thru my papers, etc. now - since I can't let my little sister get the better of me. Since I'm working now though, it might take me longer than a day. :)

Alexandra said...

Don't you just love clearing out things...it's so freeing! Paper clutter really does sneak up you.