Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baseball in Baltimore

Would you like to know why I didn't blog yesterday? I wanted to let the flowers live at the top of my page! Really. I would go look at the page, and then I just couldn't write anything and bring the top post down out of first place.

Last night we went to an Orioles baseball game. The company Ed works for got the tickets. "Our" team won! On the way home, we were thrilling about the fact that we were finally at a game where the home team won. I said laughingly, "We just needed to get the right home." Guess that means I'm starting to adopt Baltimore.

Now I just need to get a book/find some natives to help me learn the history of the fascinating architecture in this historic city, such as the clock tower, seen from the baseball stadium, with the top that looks like a castle turret.

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ukok said...

I know exactly what you mean. Right now I have a Marian post at the top of my blog and there's a beautiful photo I took of a stained glass window, depicting Our Lady. I love looking at it when I'm online so even though I want to write another post, I can't bear to have her move down the page !