Friday, May 18, 2007

Library Thing

How neat it was this morning to discover that my book, Chats with God's Little Ones, is being sold on Amazon. Of course, you can get it from Our Lady of Victory School, the publisher; but the idea that the book is also in the marketplace database at Amazon was exciting to me.

I discovered this when I was entering some of my favorite books into my account at Library Thing. When I first read about Library Thing on Maureen Wittmann's blog, I wondered what would be the purpose. Actually, I signed up and entered a few books, and then still wondered what would be the purpose, and kind of let it slide. But I've added a few more here, and a few more there. Just something fun to do in spare time. But this morning I realized one purpose it can serve for me.

When we moved in, I put books on the shelves in any order (meaning no order at all), just needing to get them out of boxes. I said, "I'll organize them later." Later hadn't come. And when I want a book, it's "search time". So this morning I realized that I've been cataloguing my favorite. So, why not put those same favorites onto a prime-space shelf? In doing this, I also moved off that shelf the old school books we no longer use. Now I can decide whether to save them, sell them, or give them away. But they don't have to take up my best shelf.

If you want to join Library Thing yourself, you can do it for free or for a fee. You can make your book list public or private. If you'd like to see what some of our treasured books are, you can visit my Library Thing page here.