Saturday, May 05, 2007

Update on Heather

The other night the post about Heather's brain surgery said that the tumor was the length of a dollar bill. However, she seemed to be doing well.

Yesterday's post at Heather's blog, a post written by her friend Laura, says that she was up walking. She was smiling. She wasn't talking yet but nodded or shook her head and knew who was there and understood what they were saying. "She’s not really talking. It’s all there in her mind, she’s just having some trouble getting it from there to her mouth."

Laura asked for some prayer specifics:
"That she get some good rest.
That her speech comes back quickly
That she stays relatively pain free"

You can read what Heather's husband Mark asks us to pray for, and keep updated, by going to Heather's blog.

Today there was a post from Heather:
"I am still standing"

Praise God in His wonderful works!

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