Sunday, September 09, 2007

To Write or Not...

There are times when the blog ideas and words flow...and times when they don't. This week has been one of the latter. Maybe it's because I've been focused on getting ready for school. Or maybe it's because I've been anything but focused. Are you confused yet? Now you have a glimpse into my current state of mind.

I've been trying to figure out if I should try (harder) to find ways to make money with writing. This morning I even wrote this to a good friend (and writer): "Or...maybe I should just decide writing is just my hobby, and just blog; and forget writing as a potential source of income." I can't believe I even said that!

And then I went to Mass, and as the priest began to talk, I remembered his words (actually Our Lord's words), from last week: "Seek first the Kingdom of God..." If there's something I feel called to write, or something I've already written and feel called to try to share, shouldn't I share that before trying to figure out other ways that I can make a little extra money for Christmas and for that extra gas for all the kids' activities? (It's great that we have activities now. We're finally getting settled in here!).

It's not all about money (even though it is a pretty necessary commodity), and most of all, it's not all about me being in control. God works in mysterious and awesome ways when we pursue His will. (Someone remind me to re-read that sentence next time I get up at 5 a.m. for no reason.)

My doubts of this morning remind me of a few years ago when I first discovered Melissa Wiley's blog. When I learned that she's a Catholic homeschooling Mom who has written books about the grandmothers of Laura Ingalls Wilder, I was SO EXCITED! I told my kids, "She's a Catholic homeschool mother and she's a writer! Like I used to be." One of my sons got really mad. "What do you mean? 'Used to be?'". He was right. And he's still right. I'm not going to put away my pen. I have to write, and I have to try to get published, but not for my glory, not for money; but for God and souls. Hey, I don't mean I won't take the money though!


Alexandra said...

From a creativity perspective, why not just keep a writing portfolio. Write when the spirit moves you; write from your heart. And when you've got a collection of material you like, then seek out some venues for publishing them.

They can always be tweaked to fit an assignment, and you'll have something to work with later.

My mother is a writer and editor. When I was in school I always had trouble getting started with writing assignments because I was trying to put together a frame work before I started. My mother always told me to just do it, just start and go with it. The hardest part is getting started.

It seemed to work for me...then I could go back and try to organize my thoughts into a framework. A bit backwards, but it helped with writer's block.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Alexandra, for sharing about your mother and her writing, and your tips from her!

Alexandra said...

You are welcome! My mother is a much better writer than I...she's more of an intellectual. I've got other gifts, but I'm always trying to improve my writing.