Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosary Companion

When I see something exciting I like to share it with you, even if I haven't had the time or money to try it out myself yet. I just discovered this one today, leafing through the pages of an old magazine..."old" by a couple months. Someone had given this magazine to me. I'd read the articles but hadn't really looked at the adversisements.

This Rosary Companion looks like a really neat idea! It is a small electronic device, which appears in the form of a Rosary ring, except instead of a hole in the center, there is a button in the center to push. What happens when you push the button? You hear the prayers recited by Carmelite Sisters. The mysteries are announced, each one accompanied by a Bible verse. What happens if you get interrupted and come back later? It remembers where you left off! Wow!

You can find out more, and even listen to the voices, here.

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diana said...

Hey, I could use this! I am ashamed to say that I feel frustrated with the rosary because I am so distracted...its like it the only time I can THINK and so my mind enjoys careening off in 100 different directions. Then I feel like I really didn't pay any attention to praying.So maybe this would help.